Need help a10-5800k temps

high i just want to ask for any help because i want to know which is correct the temp of my A10 Cpu. I dont know why it doesnt show any cores, unlike if i use it under intel i cant see the correct temps. please help

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  1. any one?
  2. for some reason hwmonitor has trouble telling the temps of a8 and a10 the problem seams to be caused by the integrated graphics
  3. use coretemp or amd overdrive to see your core temps
  4. I am certain AMD OD's temps are not accurate for the a10, I havent seen any temp monitoring programs that can accurately show temps yet, although I havent tried coretemp.
  5. Just stumbled upon this topic, I know it's old but I figured someone else may find it as I did. I use Speedfan to measure A10 temps and they seem about right for the stock cooler.
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