How do i stop my computer from automatically logging off

every time i log in to my toshiba laptop after 20 seconds it logs off again please help
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  1. u tried safe mode
    if u able to enter safe mode
    do he follow
    download ccleaner on another pc and put it on flash drive then install on your pc
    run ccleaner
    and go to registery
    and fix all problem
    then also in safe mode perform antimaleware full scan to all partition
  2. For everyone still having this problem:
    Your user profile may be corrupted. This means you have to boot your laptop in safe mode and make another user account.

    To boot your laptop in safemode, press F8 right before the windows load screen would pop up while starting your computer and you'll be asked to select an operating system. Press F8 again and select Safe Mode from the options and press enter. You'll be taken back to the previous screen and it'll say "Booting in Safe Mode" or something likewise at the bottom. Select your operating system and press enter again. Your laptop will continue booting and bring you to the login screen.

    Log in on admin or another user with full control. Go to Start> Configuration Screen and click on Users. You can create a new account from here. Notice that only users with full control will show up here while you're in safe mode, so don't be confused if you can't find a restricted user here, existing or newly created. After that go to to copy the files from the corrupted account to the new account. You'll need three accounts to do this, one of which is neither the corrupted or the new account and has full acces.

    I hope this helps.
  3. gabymichelle said:
    every time i log in to my toshiba laptop after 20 seconds it logs off again please help

    In win 7 right click and go to personalize and then screen saver

    beneat secreen saver there is a option called changer power plan click on it and then agian go to power plan and then there change your desired settings
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