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With having 2008 Server R2 Enterprise installed on a machine, the recommended specs is 2Ghz and 2GB of ram. I want to setup network user accounts on this machine. I meet the OS requirements on the rack server I have with a dual core 1.8Ghz and 2GB of RAM, over 10 TB of drive space setup in RAID 6, and a 20/5 connection. Will this be an ideal enough system for 25 network user accounts to link up to this one server, or should I increase the ram if 2GB isn't sufficient. Strictly file storage, ftp, and user account usage only. I know R2 Enterprise supports 2TB but in a realistic world I'm trying to keep cost down, if 2GB wont be enough, what will?

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  1. 2GB should be fine for hosting mostly a file server. only 25 people means AD will be small anyway.

    If your machine is DDR2+, memory should be dirt cheap.
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