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I've had my Dell Latitude E5400 for about 6 months. Just recently I noticed it wouldn't charge my Pocket PC. I attempted to go into the BIOS and see what the problem was. I noticed the output power level for my USB ports was only set to 10%. I tried to change it however that wasn't possible because a password was set. I didn't set the password; Though this was given to me by my Great Grandfather who is now passed away. I ask the community this, is there any possible solution I can use to fix this issue. I called Dell but I cannot prove ownership. I gave them all the information but I guess the laptop was given to/bought from a previous owned before me. Please help me with this situation.

Thanks in advance! Greatly Appreciated!!

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  1. Reset the BIOS {short the CMOS - see manual} or unplug ~ 15 minutes and remove the CMOS battery.
  2. Thank you for your support but I have tried this method before. This is a laptop and I've opened it up looked for the CMOS battery and anything that said CMOS and still I came up empty handed :(
  3. Some Information I've found online. Might be useful

    "In the old days (3 years ago) you can remove the battery out of the Dell latitude motherboard and the password will be be blank. However this is not true any more for Latitude for they have a secret battery on the motherboard solder on. The password on the BIOS will always be in effect. This system was to please the security concern of large companies and government who buy latitude for every day business use. Solution call Dell and have the motherboard replace.

    Hard drive security password is software based can not be change from BIOS they are separated nor can you change the boot order to DVD drive in the BIOS. Dell Embassy software in the Hard-drive will not allow anyone to boot to any drive other than the current hard-drive. Solution put in a new hard drive.

    One more thing, government like to track their asset if the laptop was stolen. In the BIOS there is a track system which send a signal out to a server on the internet tell its the location. All latitude laptops use by large companies and government agency activate the tracking system and it can not be deactivated.

    Good luck, and welcome to the new order.

    Certify laptop technician"
  4. It is there, and you'll need to remove the "Large" back cover not the {Memory/HDD} covers. It will "might" look like a little pigtailed appendage.
    CMOS battery e.g. link -
  5. I have tried "dell" as the password. When I opened up the Memory/HDD cover and I saw something. It was a battery. I've stripped this down to the bone before and on the motherboard there wasn't one soldier to it. So I take that this battery is it. It's weird directly to the motherboard. I've included a picture. :D

    Thanks for your help guys :)

    This is exactly what it looks like it's just in a different spot. What do I do when I've located it?
  7. ^ Disconnect them BOTH. Any Battery needs to be removed. In addition, "you can get the master password for your Dell by calling Dell Technical Support at (800)624-9896."
  8. I called Dell but I cannot prove ownership. I gave them all the information but I guess the laptop was given to/bought from a previous owned before me. No master password is given without me proving ownership in which case I can't :(
  9. ^Apparently it is a H/W PSWD; I don't like to help "hack." // last post for me here.

    Good Luck!
  10. Malmental, thanks for your support. I've attempted to do this but they ask for the previous owner. Which I don't know who it was before him; because I put in his information and it wasn't correct according to them :(
  11. Nevermind; I'll try this once more :)
  12. Sorry to say, but this forum has rules against helping to bypass passwords or hack in any way. I don't think the advice can go any further in that direction, than it already has.
  13. The intent is good. We just have to tread carefully on this type of subject. There's a reason Dell was trying to prove ownership. I'm not saying that the3rdgerman is lying, but we never know who the owner really is.
  14. I would just like to say Thank you! I transferred the rights over to me and I was given a master password. Thank you all. Sorry for seeming like this laptop was stolen. That was not my intent by any means.
  15. I did :D Thank you soo much! :D Awesome work ^__^
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