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I have a need to build a PC around a GeForce 8800...
This is for a very specific application (to run an SGO Mistika system for training purposes - see www.sgo.es).

It will be a dual-boot Linux/Windows setup, with dual monitor output.

As it will not be used for gaming, but will be used for general home PC work (under Windows - Linux is just for the Mistiak software) I'm looking to build cheap, but with a good geforce card...

What are the forum's suggestions? I've never done this before, having always purchased complete Dell system for the home/office.


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  1. First, if you're going to be using the 8800 to its full potential, you will need to get a CPU that will handle the 8800 and not "bottleneck" (i hate that word) the 8800. You will want to get a CPU that can handle the 8800 and possibly more. (for future reference)

    That is where the build will start, the CPU... In order to utilize the 8800, you will at least need a Phenom/Athlon II or Intel core 2 series or higheer.

    What will the budget be for this PC?
  2. I've been researching further and will now be going for a 9800... Budget is not fixed - but I'm trying to not 'waste' money on thing that are unnecessary...

    Thanks for the feedback so far.
  3. in my opinion, i would go with the following:

    Intel: Core i3, Core i5 (LGA 1156)
    AMD: Phenom II or Athlon II (Socket AM3)

    there are cheaper solutions for either platform and both are good platforms. Once you decide on what direction you're going to go (with the CPU), post back with what you want and i can help.
  4. I think probably the AMD Quad Core Phenom II... Feedback on it does look good.

    So, what's next :o)
  5. motherboard. You'll want to get a decent brand (ASUS or Gigabyte) AM3 motherboard and seeing as you will not use this PC for gaming, you will only need a motherboard with 1 PCI-E slot.

    Keep into consideration the case you want to buy, if you get a mid-tower case, you will want an ATX motherboard, if you get a smaller-ish case, you'll want a mini-ATX motherboard.
  6. Is this any good?

    Asus M2N68-AM PLUS nForce 630a Micro ATX (Socket AM3) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard
  7. Actually - how's this for a spec?

    Nvidia GeForce 9800GT Green Edition 1GB GDDR3 VGA DVI HDMI Out PCI-E Graphics Card
    2 x Seagate ST3500418AS 500GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 16MB
    Hauppauge WinTV-Nova-t PCI Freeview Receiver for 38 Plus Channels in DVD Quality DVB Radio
    Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 XMS2 Memory Kit CL5
    AMD Athlon X2 240 2.8GHz Socket AM3 2MB Cache Retail Box Processor
    ASUS M2N68 PLUS nForce 630a Socket AM2 6 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard
    Asus TA-881 Black/Silver Midi Case
    Sony AD-5240S 24x DVD±RW DL Internal SATA Black Bare Drive
    450W 20+4pin SATA Power Supply
    Windows 7 Home Premium x64
  8. the Athlon is a little on the weak-ish side, i thought you were going to go with the Phenom II x4 CPU

    Also, what brand is the power supply? I would recommend getting a 400w or greater power supply from either Seasonic, Corsair or OCZ, i will post some links below... Top one would be my choice, but any will do...



  9. Yeh, I was - but I'm told the application I'm going to use isn't heavy on CPU, being mainly a GPU based application - but now you've pointed that out I think I'll change back...
  10. well, i'm not worried about the application you are using, i'm more worried about the CPU being able to handle the 9800 to its full potential.
  11. Ok - as I said I'm changing abck :)
  12. Any other comments of the rest of the spec?
  13. yes, please choose the power supply as i have stated above, the power supply is the life-line of the PC, you really don't want a bas Power Supply.

    As for everything else, looks good, i'm not sure what your specific needs are, but it seems good to me...
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