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Which one is better?

Which configuration is better at same price?

Configuration 1
Core 2 duo 2.8Hz
2GB memory
G31 board (Intel)
9500gt 512mb ddr2

Configuration 2
Pentium duel-core 2.60Hz
2GB memory
G41 board (Intel)
GT220 1gb ddr2

I will buy one of them.
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  1. Neither is very good. Both are being built on a dead socket and use a lot of old tech. I guarantee that we can put something together for the same price that will out perform both of those. Refer to the guidelines from the link in my signature and give us some details so that we can help. Specifically, we need a budget and what you intend to do with the computer.
  2. Well, my budget is low for a gaming system. It is around 350$. I will use my pc only for gaming with no overclock or SLI. Generally I use 1024×768 resolution. I need a better configuration.
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    Do you only need the CPU/Mobo/RAM/GPU that you listed above or do you need everything?

    Assuming you need everything:

    CPU/Mobo: X3 425 and ASUS M4A77TD Combo for $124 after rebate after rebate
    RAM: Kingston ValueRAM 2 x 1GB DDR3 1066 $58
    HDD: Seagate 7200.12 500 GB $55
    PSU/Optical: Corsair 400W and cheap SATA DVD burner $60 after rebate
    Case: GIGABYTE gz-ph1a3 $20
    GPU: HD 4650 $30 after rebate

    Total: $347 after rebates. This will be a lot more future proof than those configurations, and will good for gaming at your low resolution. Once you get above the 1280x1024, I make no garauntees. Due to the very low resolution, I sacrificed a little GPU power for a better CPU. When you upgrade, you will only need to upgrade the GPU and possibly the PSU (depending on the card). If you've got another $40, stick the HD 4670 in the build for improved performance.

    I highly recommend saving up a little more ($485 total) and getting this 550W PSU and HD 5770 if you have plans of upgrading the monitor to a 1900x soon.

    Assuming you only need what's listed in the original post:

    CPU/Mobo: X3 425 and ASUS M4A77TD Combo for $124 after rebate after rebate
    RAM: Kingston ValueRAM 2 x 1GB DDR3 1066 $58
    GPU: HD 5770 $153 after rebate

    Total: $335. This will be able to game up to 1600x resolutions without a problem, and at 1920x1080 with some lowered detail, if you eventually upgrade your monitor
  4. Oh yes, i need everything. 4650 card is awesome. I thought that i cant buy this card in my budget. Thanks for your great suggestion. Now my pc is greater than previous configuration.
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