Missing Boot.mgr Making SSD Primary

Looking to make my new SSD my primary booting device.
I went through the tutorial and performed the copy hard drive.
When trying to boot off of the SSD. I get the boot.mgr is missing.
I believe that there are boot files that are part of another drive.
The original c:\ drive and the d:\.
I'm trying to find out what are all the files I need to make the ssd a bootable Windows 7 device?
How can I ensure that only the ssd drive is bootable device and doesn't require any files from any other drive internally or externally?
Is there a program that finds everything I need to get this done?
Really need guidance on how to trouble shoot.

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  1. I am not sure what Tutorial you read but it would be best to do a fresh install of windows 7... disconnect all HDD's leaving the SSD connected set your BIOS to AHCI mode and install 7 then reconnect your HDD's.
  2. Here is my scenario.
    I upgraded from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate.
    I do not have the physical cd as I just downloaded and upgraded(Definitely will get the cd next time).
    So doing a fresh install would be problematic I would believe.
    I purchased a Samsung SSD that came along with Norton Ghost 15.0.

    I created a full restore image of the c:\ drive that has windows on it. It also required some information from the D:\ drive which is another physical drive.
    I suspect that there are files on the d:\drive that the system needs to boot.

    Just trying to see where to go from here and to build a solid foundation as far as backups restores and the OS running off of the SSD drive.
    Also that there are no boot files required that are outside of the boot drive.

    As of right now I'm looking to a create a bootable Windows 7 USB drive.

  3. If you got the download from Microsoft they will let you download it again... if you had to load vista on your SSD to do the uprgade thats what I would do.
  4. I have downloaded the .iso
    I created a usb flash bootable drive.
    Disconnected all drives except ssd
    Went into Bios and changed the IDE Mode on both JMB363 and JMB362 to AHCI mode
    Change boot sequence to removable drive.
    When I book it freezes when usb flash drive is plugged in.
    When I remove it and reboot it doesn't freeze.

    Any suggestions???
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    I would use the .iso to make a DVD and install that way.
  6. Thanks that is what I did and worked wonderfully
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