Performance for 2x E5502 vs 2x E5430

Hi Guys,
I used to use Dell 1950 with 2x E5430 CPU. But now we have to buy the new generation servers R410 or R610 with E55xx CPUs。
I would like to know if 2x E5504 is enough power compare with 2x E5430?
My server will have 8G-16G RAM, 2x 146G SAS 10,000rpm Harddisk, Raid 1.

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  1. Not quite as powerful but I would say close enough, depending on your uses. Like, your current CPU has a lot more cache and a slightly faster clockspeed which I'm pretty sure is fast enough to negate the newer CPU being able to do more per clock cycle.

    Why not just upgrade the current server though?
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