Bad write performace

SSD: Intel 320 80GB (no problems, yet)

Motherboard: Abit IP35 Pro

Drivers used: iata_enu_10.8.0.1003

I'm new to SSDs. My BIOS is in RAID mode, which I'm assuming also enables AHCI. My SSD toolbox says I'm optimized and have the latest firmware as of this writing. I've followed all SSD optimizations listed here. My write performance is slow. What could I be doing wrong?

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  1. verify that write caching is set properly, that is usually what causes such issues.

    Did you transfer your install to the SSD? or did you do a fresh install?

    *sniff* I miss ABIT
  2. Jugding from the system spec's you have listed at the bottom of your post you do not have a very up to date computer and with using ddr2 memory and an old quad core cpu you are not going to get the highest read/write speeds of any SSD.
  3. Let's move along.... those are in specs with intel 320.... no issues here
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