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Help with choosing case fans.

November 28, 2012 10:33:34 AM

My motherboard has sets of 3 pins for constant speed fans and sets of 4 pins for variable (pwm) fans.

I have been looking at some various options and I was interested in Sanyo Denki San Ace fans.

While I havent decided on which ones yet I am a little confused by some of the 3 wire ones saying they have variable speed controlled by the mother board and then there are other ones with 5 pins but only 4 wires.

For example these fans look like a bargain but they have 5 pins and doesn't mention anything about PWM.

Even if that one is overkill please humor me, I would really like to learn about fans but after researching for the best part of 5 hours my understands are still not very good.

I am to have my case with positive pressure and filters on the intakes to keep the dust out. I am after 2 x 120mm and 3 x 80mm fans.

PWM is not necessary as I plan to install the fans based on CFM to have positive pressure but I'm not against it either. I just want to keep dust out and keep it cool.

How do I know which fans I should get based on the wires?

3 = constant?
4 = contolled by bios?
5 = contolled by bios with extra plug that does nothing?

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