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I was told there is a chart/article on here that shows all the video card chip sets and has them all ordered by speed but I cannot locate it.
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  1.'s right at the top of your screen.

    Note they haven't been updated in a while..
  2. That is not what I ment. the sales person at Microcenter brought it up to show me that just because the number on the video card is higher doesn't mean the card is faster. example: 4480 would be slower than a 4380 (not real cards just makde up the numbers for example)

    When he showed it to me there were to collums and it listed like all the chipsets of all the video cards in order of speed.
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  4. that seems more like what I was looking at. Still not the same but it seems like it will help me decided on a card to get. thanks!
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