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hey guys You may have seen some designs like this but im pretty happy with my setup. I recently built my new rig and bought this san ace mc liquid cooler made for the intel lga 775 socket. well i love hacking everything and decided to mount this to my new amd fx build. I could not be happier for the 25 dollars shipped i spent on this liquid cooler which even has a copper block. The radiator is actually a very good one, a little more over sized than the normal ones you could fit in the case with a 140mm fan i believe, i know its a little over 120mm. I had a nice bracket lying around from an old amd athlon/sempron that actually would flex a little and applied it to my processor. The temps at idle in a 80 deg f room are 10-15c all day long and on my cpu testing program under full load never goes above 35c. now as i had my peltier(tec1-12710 156w ) lying around i decided to try using it with my wAtercooler and a hacked copper based xbox360 heatsink. i luckily found a perfect clamp for it using the stock clamp that came with my fx processor. Ofcourse i tested it on my old athlon x2 5200 oc to 3.13 ghz. at idle it was usually around 40c. now as you can see in the pictures a huge difference. not sure why the 1st core always reads weird tho. Also max load is never above 5c, and i laid some foam around the processor to hopefully help if it ever started sweating. The fan i lazily laid near the heatsink since i already clamped it and didnt want unclamp it to screw it onto the heatsink.
i originally planned for the peltier to be on top of the cooler as you can see before i modified the heatsink for the bracket, it is now sitting directly on the processor which i really dont like since when the peltier is shut off it runs about just as hot as it did with the heatsink i had on there due to the fact they dont transfer heat that well when off.

sorry for rambling on but also the heatsink with just the peltier running was showing 37c, now monitoring the heatsink it shows 25-27c usually. these temps are all with this chinese grease like compound which i have tons of lying around

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  1. nice rework on a vintage setup :) mind doing those cables and posting a prettier picture. With that rats nest cleaned you can expect better airflow in there , thus better temps on that TEC heatsink.
  2. haha thanks yea i wasnt to worried about the cables since was just testing it before i put it on my gaming rig and all the cables to connect everything from the other supply were so short. also this TEC says its qmax watts is 96 . i guess that how much heat it can actually remove? but it also says its 17.4v x 10.5 watts = 182 watts. all i really need now is a compact power supply to power it as i dont wont to rely on my power supply

    more pictures will be up when i install it in my other computer and it will look nice haha
  3. You could do worse than to frequent the subambient cooling thread up the top of the section, Ryan has a wealth of knowledge you could tap into there,
    and on the subject of cables......
    Get rid of them!!
    Tidy them up, I don't want to see more than 6Cm of wires next picture I see!
  4. This is only my testing rig this won't affect airflow in any ways. In my real gaming computers everything is all nice and neat.
  5. Thank you tho
  6. After testing my other thought with cooling the water block it was somehow worse performance than with just the liquid cooler. Pretty weird? the radiator felt nice and cool but temps were higher? Maybe its just because that heat sink can't keep it as cool? Still would have thought it would make it run a little cooler by cooling the block
  7. to understand how that TEC is working...and so you may unlock any or all of its potential, I highly suggest you look up the first thread in this section - Exploring sub-ambient temps bvy 4Ryan6. He's spent a good amount of time,energy and funds to explain to those whoa re interested in the benefits and trade-offs.
  8. I did suggest that in my first post Lutfij :-)
  9. yeah, thought I'd just give him a reminder :D
  10. I've actually read that twice. It was the one with the ice box?
  11. Placing the peltier directly on the CPU is old school thinking and a extremely bad idea, Why?

    When it was being done the peliters were much smaller and the CPU dies were exposed, not underneath heat spreaders.

    Heat spreaders that can have air underneath the heat spreader, if there's air, frost will form inside the heat spreader itself and you won't even be able to see it.

    Have you insulated the back side of the motherboard socket area?

    Because direct peltier contact with the CPU will produce sub zero results, requiring as much protective motherboard insulating as LN2.

    You have potential and imagination, scroll into my thread to when the ice was replaced by peltier cooling, I suggest removing the peltier from the CPU until you learn how to get what you want from it without the risk of frost or condensation damage.
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