Sony KD-34XBR970 WEGA FD Trintron TV as a computer monitor???

I thinking of building a Home Theater computer to use with my Sony KD-34XBR970 HD TV. I want to use this home built computer as a DVR, to search the web, and to watch Internet downloaded movies such as from NetFlix using my HD TV in my living room and have another LCD computer monitor at my desk to use for general computing. Am I dreaming with an unrealistic goal or is this possible? I have been told that even though my TV is 1080i that it does not have enough resolution to connect to my computer with satisfactory results. I would appreciate any input on this matter. Thanks for reading.
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  1. I have used my Sony KD-34XBR970 as a computer monitor with mixed results, it usually does not display correctly, that is why you were told that it does not have sufficient resolution to look crisp. But I know from some experimentation that it can display perfectly with the right graphics card, for me, it works properly when hooked up via HDMI cable to a HP DV6500 laptop. In this configuration the graphics are crisp and readable. I am planning on using it as a computer monitor with a desktop computer, but so far all attempts have resulted in fuzzy graphics, I will next try some different video cards, since it works well with the HP laptop, it should be a matter of discovering which card will function properly with the rather picky Sony KD-34XBR970.
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