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Hello I am wondering if that custom bracket for the amd motherboards will allow me to use the dark knight CPU cooler in a vertical position so I am able to use my Kingston hyperx memory fan. I have the asus m4n82 deluxe motherboard
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  1. Here is the bracket I would be putting on, I have heard many people doing it and this enables them to vertically position their Dark Knight cpu cooler so the heat coming from the heat sink is pulled out the back by the rear exhaust. This is the link from NewEgg.com

  2. To me it seems like it will work. With that being said I don’t own your board and can only give advice based on what I have seen and heard. Are you using all four slots of your ram? If not the farther slots could give you a little extra clearance if needed. Overall I believe it will work, but it is still a chance you will be taking.
  3. Yes I use all four slots of my ram. Also I have the hyperx cooling fan for my ram. Before I installed the Dark Knight I turned it in a vertical position and was able to fit the hyperx fan on all four ram slots, right now with the dark knight fan blowing out the top of my antec 1200, the hyperx fan is only on 2 sticks of ram and hanging off the side.
  4. I’m sorry I must have miss read your question. That bracket is made for enzotech parts specifically, but it turns it into a generic socket 775 style mount. It should work fine; if not its only $7 down the drain.
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