XFX 6950 Dual Fan overheating..? Best thermal material for gpus?

yooo guys! ive had this card for about 4 months now, no complaints what so ever. but from the day i got it the load temps under furmark were about 60-62c max, it has been rising in that time until it has hit 70-75c while gaming, and 80c while on furmark. since the warranty ran out i decided to replace the thermalpaste, BOOM. the temperatures shoot up to 90c on furmark with 100% fanspeed. after this happend i decided to replace the thermalpaste to see if anything was wrongly applied, nope same results. Im using some ''High Performance'' Cooler Master thermalpaste. is there any other thermal paste you would reccomend me using? as this one is obviously awful? :D
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  1. u sure your fan is running 100% and is not obstructed by something after taking it apart?

    you could try, its double the price of the cooler master, but I doubt it would make that big of difference

    Thermaltake CL-O0027 TG1 Extreme High Grade Thermal Grease
  2. Thank you the problem has been fixed, I ordered me some arctic cooling mx-4, it did decrease the load temps back to 68-72 while gaming, but still reaches about 83c on furmark. Nothing is obstructing the fans eithehr I don't know what's wrong, the card always used to run cool.
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