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Hi guys, I have used a Belkin router for years with no problems
I recently tried to setup the Netgear router provided by Virgin using the same 2 laptops - one is Vista, one is XP, both are wireless and also cable

The Vista connection worked (after some coaching from Virgin), the XP laptop won't work - the computer says it's connected but can't get on line - Virgin gave up at that point

The router lights are all on

When I re-started the XP computer a brief message came up that there was an IP address conflict - I have checked all settings and both computers are similarly set up

Any ideas ?

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  1. There should not be any IP conflict unless you set the computers to use a static IP. Is the router set properly with DHCP turned on? Are the computers both set to DHCP in network setup for both wireless and wired adapters?

    Keep in mind that some older laptop wireless cards don't work with new routers and the new wireless standards. If the network part looks OK and you can't connect, you may want to get a new wireless card or update the drivers for yours.
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