Can a single SSD replace multiple HDD's for Digital Audio Production

It is recommended that for low latency Digital Audio Production, you should have multiple HDD's.

Eg. one HDD for the O/S and programs, another one for the audio files and yet another for sample libraries.

My question is, could a single SSD do the job as effectively (or better) as multiple HDD's?
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    In terms of latency then yes the SSD will take care of your needs. In terms of capacity perhaps not so well. Also there is a school of thought that suggests that write intensive task can reduce the life of the SSD though this may not be as bad as it sounds in real world terms.
  2. Also, most audio files are highly incompressible, so you probably want to stay away from SandForce controller based SSDs. They work best with files that can be compressed.
  3. Thanks Derek,

    I was considering an Intel 520 Series which I believe use the SandForce controller, but now considering a Crucial M4 Series which I don't think uses the SandForce and has a good reputation as well.

    Cheers, Michael.
  4. I'd get the SSD for OS and programs and HDD(s) for the files and libraries just like any system. I wouldn't trust my data to just 1 drive whether it be SSD or HDD.
  5. Thanks D, will consider that. I do back-up on external hard drive though.
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