AMD mobile Tri-cores! what do you think?

This would be cool, as i have a desktop Phenom ii 720, there's something a bit unique about having a tri-core when everyone else has either quad or dual.

But, a tri-core on a laptop would be a very good solution. almost as good multitasking compared to quads, yet more power efficient at the same time, i say there is a good market for tri-core lappys.

Man, i want a phenom ii 720m with gtx 260m to go with my desktop 720 BE with GTX 260 :pt1cable:

I wonder why Intel didn't think of this, they could've made a bit more money by doing so!

(k, the gpu can be better like Fermi-based or 5800-series, but stilll...)
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  1. Power envelope/ performance is most important.

    I don't see that in this CPU.
  2. And if it's not an ASUS laptop well i smell something burning!!!!
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