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Hey guys, trying to install windows xp onto an old Dell and im having some issues :pfff: first off, like i said its an old dell that ive been trying to rebuild/upgrade, the old hard drive crashed so i got a new one and a new copy of windows xp (i think, more on that in a sec) So i start up tje computer, it powers on, mobo gives me one beep, i hit f12 for boot options, select the cd, hit enter and it starts doing its thing. Then the screen comes up that says, "Welcome to setup" this portion of the setup program prepares microsoft windows to run on your computer.
To set up windows xp now hit enter
To repair hit r
To quit hit f3
So naturally i hit enter- but nothing happens. I hit f3 as well and still nothing happens.

So about the windows xp i bought, i got it from a sight called software slashers, anyone had any experience with them? is it not a legit copy perhaps?

Thanks in advance guys. Happy computing.
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  1. Could be the disk, try it with another system.
  2. Thanks, but it actually turned out that i had the keyboard plugged into the wrong usb socket. go figure
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