How to check my computer temperature?

what is the software to see my computer temperature?
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    HWmonitor. its what i use, there are others but i find this the best.
  2. RealTemp, Core Temp, H/W Monitor and SpeedFan are all good CPU temperature monitoring software, H/W monitor does extra as well, including HDD IIRC. For the graphics card, you can check the ATi Catalyst Control Center if you have an ATi card, otherwise GPU-Z or EVGA Precision if you use any nVidia card. There could be some others, but the ones I listed are the main ones.
  3. If you want to control only the cpu temperature, install the "Core Temp".

    If you want to control all the temperatures (cpu, gpu, HDs, mobo, ...) install the "everest"
  4. Another HW monitor user here.
  5. hw monitor is more than enough to just check ur cpu & gpu temps
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