Use UPS for PC w/ SSD recommended?


Would SSDs require / recommended to have a battery back up plugged in to your system? Is the sudden cut in power affect / damage SSDs?

I'm planning to grab an SSD soon but currently I don't have a UPS (I only use a surge protected outlet).

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  1. It's recommended that you have a UPS but it's not required. If your power goes out at the wrong moment you could lose data or get corrupted data, just like a hard drive.

    If you want write protection but aren't ready to buy a UPS, get the Intel 320 SSD. The Intel 320 has power caps to ensure safe writes even when power is lost.
  2. No more arequirement than for a system with a Mechanical HDD.
    In fact many of the newer SSD use a capacitor like a battery. Has enough energy so that if power is removed it can write what is in the write buffer.

    Personnaly I do recommend an ups as it allows an ORDERLY shut down when power goes out - HDD or SSD makes no difference. Does not happen often, but just once can make it worth the cost.

    The other day we had some bad weather move in. at on point the power went out, back in 4 or 5 times within 10 Sec before going for a couple of hours. That can really play havoc with a computer system.
  3. What Retired Chief said.

    A UPS is the best surge protector you can get even if the power doesn't go out completely.
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