Intel Core i5-430M vs Intel Core i7-720QM


Which notebook is going to be best:
Dell Studio Laptop, 1749/6469, 2.26GHz with 17.3 Inch Display (with a Intel Core i5-430M
HP Pavilion Laptop, DV7-3105EA, 1.6GHz with 17.3 Inch Display (with a Intel Core i7-720QM

I am mainly going to use Notebook for Analytical work (GIS)


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  1. Well, the Core i7 720QM is a faster processor in terms of raw power. Idk what GIS or analytical programs use in terms of CPU power, but the i7 720QM would be a faster choice regardless, however, if you do care about battery life, then the Core i5 430M may be a better choice.
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