Overclocking 3930k

Temperature at stock:
System specs:
Motherboard: Asus Rampage iv Extreme
CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K Sandy Bridge-E 3.2GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) LGA 2011
Cooling: H100 Corsair Hydro Series
RAM: 32GB Dominator GT 2133Mhz (Currently running it at 1333Mhz and only 24Gb of ram is detected, haven't been able to fix this issue.
Video Card: EVGA GTX 690

Hello everybody, i am new to overclocking and i would like to know how i can overclock my CPU to 4.6Ghz with the specs provided above. I tried Loading a saved profile from the motherboard Bios and that seemed to run a little bit unstable, overclocking to 4.3Ghz and ram to 2099mhz. I know there are some tweaking that i need to do in order to find the sweet spot and i would like to know if i can get help with this here. Thanks.
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  1. 1st use realtemp gt
    and try to set your blk to 125 and your multipliers at around 38
    if that doesnt work than you can try and do 104 blk and 40s multiplier but i dont think it will do you any good because of the FSB

    and RIVE boards don't like corsair memory
    you would have better luck at the rog forums
  2. I wouldn't suggest boosting the BCLK at all, I mean that's why you have a chip with the K title eh?

    Multiplier boosting is the best thing in the world! Makes overclocking so easy. First.


    There's what Intel tells us about that processor. I don't recommend going over their voltage in any shape or form. But here's the "method" behind overclocking.

    If you're new to overclocking; I'd set the voltage to fixed and start with a lower voltage like 1v on that processor and set it to stock frequency and run a stress test to see where you're at for stability. Prime95 is the "ideal" stress test. Run a few cycles and if there's no problems or errors, step a notch on the multiplier. As you increase speed; watch your temperatures and don't let them get out of hand. As you boost the frequency they will rise a little. Once you start raising the voltage; they jump quickly.

    Now what I suggest you do before you even think of starting to clock your chip... Read this in its entirety a few times. Probably the single best guide out there for the SBe chips.


    Also, if you're having memory issues like that? I'd suggest stopping any progress on clocking, downloading memtest386, and testing chips. If you're only seeing 24GB of the 32GB, that means one of those chips isn't even working. There's a serious issue there and if your board doesn't like that ram like tatmmrk2 said; it's time to buy some new ram and memtest386 will show you just how bad they are. I would run quite a few tests on the ram and if I had any problems; it'd be on my shelf as soon as my replacement ram came in.

    Hope this helps. In short I suggest you fix the ram issue first; then read that guide a few times and get your knowledge up, and then start doing some clocking!
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