Windows 7 installations fails when using 6 gb ram

hello i hve
Core i7 930
Asus p6t
Kingston 1333mhz ddr 3 6gb 2gbx3

My computer windows dont work when i install my 3 sticks of 2gb which makes it 6gb,, either it restarted and ask to run windows memory dign tool,, or ask to repair,, if i try to install windows the pc hang when the flag comes,,of win 7
While when i remove any of 2gb stick,, PC work fine,,
What is the matter plz help

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  1. 1) You may have to increase memory voltages slightly in BIOS. Pls read the motherboard manual for how-to.

    2) A BIOS update may also be necessary to increase memory compatibility.

    3) Your PSU should comply with spec v2.2
  2. Some mobo also require that you please the memory in specific banks, read than manual for further clarification on this. You might also have to fill the 4th bank
  3. my psu is 600w cooler master,,, how much i have to increase the voltage??
    In the manual it is asked to put 3 sticks on orange slots,, i have done that

    I have updated bios,,
    Before updating i was only able to run 2 gb,, as installing 4 gb was making same problem as its making in 6gb
  4. Compare the DRAM voltage as read in BIOS to that of your RAM sticks.

    600w cooler master is O.K. as regards power but specification version is different. If you bought the psu recently (within 2-3 years), it is most probably of version 2.2.
  5. i have checked my rams,, its kingston 1333 buss ddrs,, and voltage written on it is 1.5v i have 3 sticks of 2 gb and all have same voltage value,, 1.5v,, what to do
  6. brother i am new to all this,, which option i have to select to see,, if kindly tell me in details i will be very thankful to u
  7. Quote:
    so right now you're able to run 4GB and not the 6GB correct.?
    or are you saying that now only 2GB works.?
    please clarify.

    Brother before updating my bios,, only 2gb was working but after updating bios,, 4 gb is working without any issue,,
  8. yes i have tried but changing ddr slot,, but same result
  9. tell me how to slove this???
  10. what happen??? guys no one helping me :(
  11. What version of windows are you installing x64 or x86?
  12. Quote:
    i was hiding out all weekend..

    please say your running a 64-bit and not 32-bit (x86)...!

    my thoughts exactly mal, lol

    if it's 32-bit(x86) don't even bother with the 3rd stick, use two until you can get your hands on 64-bit(x64)

    if you're attempting to install x64 and it's not working, make sure the bios is reading all 6Gb of ram before attempting to install windows with 6Gb installed. If it doesn't read all 6Gbs, it's quite possible that you have one stick that's DoA.
  13. bios is reading ram,, am using 64 bit windows,,
  14. new problem is occuring,, when i install last stick to complete 6gb ram,, sometime pc doesnt give display,, some time my pc hang,,. Plz help me
  15. Please post the following:
    1. Exact Part-Number and/or link for RAM
    2. Verify the following are set as shown:

    3. Resource Manager screen shot

    4. Installed order -> {CPU} | x | RAM | x | RAM | x | RAM |
    reference MOBO link -

    This is the link of the ddr which i am using
  17. i have installed in the same manner in which the mobo asking,, we have to fill orange slots,, which is mentioned,, coz black slots wont work untill all orange slots are filled,,,
  18. bro i have already provided my cpu specs,, wht u want me to give u?? I mean that the link i provided is of the particular rams am using,, wht else,,
  19. jaquit bro,, i cant run 6 gb ram,, do u want me u se test running my pc on 4gb,, pardon me bro am begginer so things are going above my head i suppose :(
  20. Reference - 1333Mhz timing of 9-9-9 at 1.5V.

    I found it listed as Tested {but not as matched "KIT"}

    Tri (3X__GB) & Hexa (6X__GB) are better served and operate better as match {same production run} sets.

    That said, please verify that they are installed in proper order as I indicated above -> 4. Installed order -> {CPU} | x | RAM | x | RAM | x | RAM | ; x = blank and the DDR3 is installed in the RED slots.

    Q - What if any BIOS changes have you made? If you cannot remember then Load Defaults {plus any required e.g. Fan/AHCI/etc changes and no memory changes yet.

    If that FAILS:
    1. Use (2) Sticks -> {CPU} | x | RAM | x | RAM | x | x |
    2. Download & Install CPUz. Install whatever RAM combination will work to boot. Look at the screen below and write down:
    a. Part Number
    b. JEDEC#2
    You will need for all (3) sticks and note if there are ANY differences - they should all be identical.

    CPUz -
    3. Download & Create a bootable CD/DVD with Memtest86+ {use the ISO/zip} -
    a. Shutdown and install all (3) sticks as stated above
    b. Boot with CD/DVD and run for (2) passes

    Please post back.
  21. Quote:
    just messin' bro...
    no, you're not above your head... it's all a learning experience.
    i know you want triple channel mode and all 6GB, tested RAM for defects.
    have you tried turning up voltage at all.?

    Yes bro i have tried to turn up the voltage,, i did it to 1.60,, same result,, the rating of ram is 1.5v,
  22. jadqiue bro,, i havent made any bios change but yes i updated my bios to latest,, when i newly purchased my ddr i do work,, i mean pc was working fine with 6gb,, but i dnt knw wht happen somehow my windows got courrpt,, and then the problem started,, right now i am using 4 gb ram,, the way u have told to use two stick,, same its done..
    Now u want me to send u the part number of these all rams??? I cant use all so first i have to take 2 part no of the ddr tht am using after that i have to plug of a stick of 2 gb put my remaining one and take its part number,,
  23. jadqiue,, one thing i forgot to mentioned that bios was updated after the problem occured,, as my windows got courrpt so i was not even able to use my pc with 4 gb ram samething was happening then i updated my bios,, which made my mobo to run 4gb otherwise i could run even on 4gb same probs were ocurring
  24. If your Windows - "as my windows got courrpt" then reinstall Windows.
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