P6x58d-e runs RAM @ 1066

First and foremost, I am fairly new to the world of overclockers.
I have p6x58d-e motherboard. I have Corsair dominators TR3X6G1600C8D. Corsair HX850 PSU. I7 930 (stock HSF).
I just want to be able to run my RAM @ 1600. Although it isnt necessarily overclocking, since its rated to run at that speed,
my motherboard detects it @ 1066mhz.

I have attempted to turn on the XMP profile via bios, but am hesitant since once the change takes place its gives me a warning in DRAM Voltage about the voltage being to high and possibly killing my processor. the xmp profile sets the dram voltage to 1.66v.

If anyone can help me in getting the proper settings so that I can get my ram to run @ rated speeds. I dont plan on overclocking my cpu just yet since I have stock HSF. Most likely will get corsair H50. Any suggestions on that will also be appreciated.

Please HELP!!! I just want to run my ram @ rated speeds with the proper timing.
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    I'm not sure what this "XMP" thing is but if it is raising the Voltage above spec then turn it off. Also set your RAM voltage to your RAMs specced voltage.

    There is a "Base Clock" which has a default value of 133MHz for all i3/5/7. Both the CPU and RAM speed come off this with a "Multiplier". For example your i7 930 has a 22x multiplier (I think) and thus:
    22 X 133MHz = 2926MHz = 2.9GHz
    This is the clockspeed of the CPU.

    The RAM also has a multiplier, its default value is 10x:
    10 X 133MHz = 1333MHz
    This is the RAM speed.

    Though the RAMs multi can be changed. It has values of 10, 8 and sometimes 6. Notice that you cannot get 1600MHz RAM speed from any of these multis? Instead to get a RAM speed of 1600MHz the Base Clock must be raised to 160MHz. This would create:
    10 x 160MHz = 1600MHz

    But remember that the CPU speed also increases from the Base Clock with a Multi of 22x. This means the the new CPU speed would be:
    22 x 160MHz = 3520MHz = 3.5GHz

    This is an OC which you are not ready for with your stock cooling. Thus the CPU Multi must be lowered. Using a multi of 18x will allow the CPU to run at stock speeds:
    18 x 160MHz = 2880MHz = 2.9GHz

    You seem to have the RAM multiplier at 8x which is why your RAM is running at 1066 instead of 1333. Change it to 10x, there should be a setting in the BIOS near the Base Clock control.

    Then to run the RAM at 1600 follow the above guide. Raise the BClock to 160MHz and lowever the CPU Multi to 18x. That should get you running at 1600MHz.

    With that said I would not suggest running at 1600MHz RAM anyway. There is no performance increase so there is not much point. But do it if you want.

    Hope you understand that.
  2. very well explained. very much appreciated

    Just so you know in my bios, there is an option to just set it to ddr3-1600mhz without having to change multiplier or base clock freq manually. I however, did not see where to change multiplier settings, I did see the base clock change though

    Anyways, I am running at 1600mhz and seems stable. My next question would be, once I get a decent cooler, and feel free to recommend one, I would like to know what you recommend I should set my cpu voltage to, once i start to overclock - which ill be starting at 3.5ghz.

    better yet, what settings should I change, if any, aside from base block and multiplier.

  3. Hello glad I could help, I was not aware of that option; AMD boards must have a higher multiplier for RAM. You can test RAM stability with memtest if you want.

    A good cooler is the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ which you can get from newegg for $38 or from amazon for $33.

    For OCing you should read a good guide, they will explain everything you need to know. Note that it is not a short answer.

    You need to up voltages too OC a fair amount.

    Hope that helps. :)
  4. Once again, thank you. I was reading last night a few articles, forums and anything I could get my hands on regarding overclocking, stability when OC'ing and settings that I can use for my rig. There are just so many settings to play around with. Im sure ill get it after a few attempts. I just dont want to do a rookie move and blow out my cpu or fry anything.

    So you think that cooler will suffice for when I overclock my cpu? I will put the order in today to get that cooler. THANKS!!!

    Would I notice a difference if i oc'd to 3.5ghz with ram at 1066mhz, compared to 3.5ghz and ram @ 1600? I am sure simply oc'ing to 3.5ghz i will notice a difference.

    awesome. I cant wait til i receive my cooler, so that I can begin doing what i gotta do. I intend on gaming somewhat, but I plan on doing more with adobe cs5 on my rig.

    Wolygon, you are the man/woman. THANKS.
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  6. Hey glad I helped you.

    That cooler is pretty good and should give you a fair bit of room.

    Yes the 3.5GHz would outperform the stock with 1600MHz. But why run at 1066MHz when you could run at 1600? Was that just a hypothetical thing?

    1600MHz has no performance increase over 1333MHz yet the performance drops down a bit when you go for 1066MHz.

    There are many settings which can be daunting for someone like you, but soon they all come into perspective and you will become one with them. :) Just don't jump any voltages way above their stock values right off the bat. Also have a search about normal values for the specified voltage (before you set it) to double check that its fine.

    Heres a guide to read. It can be a bit hard to understand as much of it is for extreme OCs but it will still help.

    If your doing some hardcore photoshop then you'll see a nice performance increase with an OC. Though with gaming your probably bottlenecked by the GPU so there won't be any performance increase there.

    Good Luck and Have fun! :)
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