Need help on cheap gaming desktop build

Hey guys i need help on building a cheap gaming desktop. My budget is really low & i already have the HDD, case, power supply etc. So just wanna go with the cpu, motherboard, graphics card & memory. Found some at a reasonable price.

Phenom II X2 545 AM3 3.0GHZ

ECS Black Series A785GM-M AM3

A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB

Graphics Card
Radeon HD 4850 1GB

So what do u think? r these compatible with each other & the very best within this price range?
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  1. What's the budget? What PSU do you have?

    Here's a USB 3/SATA III board that's the same price (after rebates): Gigabyte GA-770TX-UD3.
  2. oops not that good.

    That gigabyte motherboard doesnt match with the Ram though. It doesn't support 1600 MHz DDR3.
    For the budget, the lower the better. Im not a extreme gamer. But wanna shoot the new games.
  3. Are we talking 500, 1000, 1500? What are you comfortable with because it makes a HUGE difference in what everyone will suggest.

    And yes the ram will work with the Mobo that Admiral suggested you just have to set the timings in BIOS.
  4. Do you have link to the PSU? Searching Newegg doesn't lead to anything exactly like that. I'm assuming it's a 300W FSP, but I can't double check the quality or the exact outputs without an exact match.

    Regardless, that PSU will NOT power that GPU. It likely won't power any card that needs a PCIe connector. The FSP 300W model doesn't have the connector and doesn't output enough to support it. Which means you're not playing any recent games.

    The board does support 1600 mhz RAM. The listed speeds mean that it defaults to 1333 mhz or 1066 mhz, but can be set to accept up 1866 mhz speeds if you overclock. To be technical, no AM3 board uses 1600 mhz sticks. It's all 1333 mhz until you overclock.
  5. googled it & found this

    so is there any inexpensive psu that will do the job? budget will be if possible lower than $500 coz i already got the monitor, sound box, hdd, case etc.

    I don't want to go through overclock. So can i just plug the ram into the motherboard & use it as usual or do i need to change anything?
    if i have to change the BIOS settings to make the ram work how can i even start it first? sorry for the trouble but as u see im not a pro here.
  6. The Ram will default at 1333 and then if you want it to run at the specs listed you will need to change the bios.

    However it will run just not at the timings listed by the manufacture, until you change the timing.

    Example: My GSkills were supposed to run at at 1.35 volts. When I first started up the computer they defaulted at at 1.5 volts. I changed the setting and now it runs where it should be.
  7. The RAM will just default to a lower speed and voltage until you manually set the values correctly in the BIOS. That's how all motherboards work for exactly the reason you described. If they didn't default to a lower speed then a lot of systems wouldn't even be able to get as far as getting into the BIOS.

    The problem is that not very many people bother changing the values, so their RAM runs under its rated speed and they don't even know the difference unless they check it with something like CPU-Z. Not setting the values correctly can also lead to stability issues. Just have a look at the number of posts for "freezing" problems in this forum. Those issues are very often resolved by manually setting the RAM speed/timings/voltage. That's why I always recommend manually setting the values so you ensure stability and know for a fact that the values are correct.
  8. That's an absolute POS. I can't tell what connectors it has, but I highly doubt it has the right hardware for the job.

    I would get a 550W from any of the following: Corsair, Antec (Earthwatts series only), SeaSonic, Silverstone or PC Power & Cooling. OCZ may work, but I wouldn't get less than the 600W model.

    The RAM should work just fine with just plugging it into the board. To make it run at its best, you may have to change the BIOS settings. As long as you have everything hooked up and it's not defective, you can get into BIOS. It's getting past BIOS that may cause problems.
  9. PSU:
    MadAdmiral's suggestions are better, but if you really need to save money you would be good with a Corsair 400CX. Its 39.99 after MIR on newegg right now and would power a 4850 just fine. I own it, its high efficiency, cool, has a good warranty, etc. (It took 2 months to get the MIR back--but they did track it well and honor it.)

    I agree that the 4850 is your best budget performance option--depending on what resolution you are running the 512mb version might be just as good. The shipping on the sapphire is better.. so you would save a little money.

    Another option may be this GTS 250 for $94 after MIR free shipping.
  10. ^ I agree that what you put together is better, but its also $100 more than the build he started with. Up to him if he wants to go there.
  11. wow this forum is so awesome. thanx a lot guys. :)

    hey OSU43130 i like ur config. definitely thats better but i wanna stay as low as i can.
    so which one would be better for gaming - athlon II x4 2.6GHz or Phenom II X2 3GHz?
    bout the ram probably i'll stick with the low priced one. & the gpu-psu combo is a bit too much for me.

    one more thing which gpu is better GeForce GT 240 or Radeon HD 4850? im talking about this deal.
  12. athlon II x4 2.6GHz will be be better for most of the new games (not always, but normally...). And since memories are so cheap now, why not a bit more than 4G?

  13. The difference with what I gave you and what you had is only around 100 bucks or so and mine included a 5770 and a PSU.
  14. bewodo said:
    athlon II x4 2.6GHz will be be better for most of the new games (not always, but normally...). And since memories are so cheap now, why not a bit more than 4G?

    Probably because he's already concerned about his budget, and for gaming, there's really no benefit to going over 4 GB.

    If you really find yourself running out of RAM, you can always add more later, but there's little benefit to having more than 4 GB of RAM if you're just gaming.
  15. ya that's right. 4GB is fine for gaming. im gonna stick with 4gb for now. & i can change it later at anytime.

    OSU43130 > ya i know its just 100 bucks but my budget is pretty tight. cant cross it.

    one more question, can i use a 600W low priced psu? like this one
  16. Evan1011 said:

    1. NO! That is complete crap. The PSU is not a place to cut corners-- a bad PSU can burn up your entire system.

    2. the 4850 is quite a bit better than the GT 240. If the primary purpose of the PC is gaming dont cut corners here either--gaming PCs often rely more on the GPU than the CPU.

    3. The dual core phenom would be faster for gaming right now, but the quad core will age better. Some new games can use multiple cores, but most out at the moment still rely on a single core--and the Phenom has faster clocked cores.

    A triple core like the Athlon II X3 may be a good compromise

    Performance comparison between the more expensive x4 620 and the cheaper x3 440
  17. I would spend the extra $6 and step up to the 2.8GHz 630 instead of the 2.6GHz 620.
  18. I'm still strongly in favor of a triple core. See my evidence:

    AnandTech's low end AMD system: (uses an Athlon II X3 Rana slightly slower than the one i suggested)

    Tom's last Best CPU's for the money rates: (,2452.html)
    Best gaming CPU for $80-- Athlon II X3 425 (2.7ghz)
    Best gaming CPU for $90-- Athlon II X3 435 (2.9 ghz)
    Best gaming CPU for $100 - Athlon II X4 620 (2.6ghz)

    In the above post I suggested you consider the Athlon II X3 440 (3.0 ghz) - which is now only $86. (im betting prices have changed since the Tom's review--since they seem a little bit high),2520-2.html?xtmc=x3_rana&xtcr=2

    Read more here:,2452.html

    Also really look at the link I posted above with AnandTech's benchmarks between a X4 620 and X3 440. The X4 is better for some video editing stuff--but the clock speed really matters for gaming and gives the X3 the edge.
  19. ok i got u. that's indeed a lot better. found only one combo deal with it.

    so is that a decent motherboard? or this would be better?
  20. Asus is a very good brand, but I'm going to wait and let someone else jump in on motherboards-- its not really my area of expertise.

    This combo with a 5770 or a 4800 series ati card should be sufficient enough for under 600-700 dollars
  22. deadlockedworld said:
    Asus is a very good brand, but I'm going to wait and let someone else jump in on motherboards-- its not really my area of expertise.

    Asus has gone down hill alot lately....

    Go with gigabite for the 2 oz of copper support frame, better cooling and a more sturdy board, plus better customer support!!!
  23. darkjuggalo2000 said:

    This combo with a 5770 or a 4800 series ati card should be sufficient enough for under 600-700 dollars

    dude i dont need the case, hdd. i already have those. just trying to get 4 things - cpu, mb, gpu, ram.
    also bcoz of tight budget cant spend that much.
  24. oh well than break down the components and only buy the mobo, the cpu, the ram, and the gpu i mentioned should still bring u down to less than 450 dollars
  25. HAH! I WIN-- new Tom's Best CPUs for the money:

    Best gaming CPU for ~$90:
    Athlon II X3 440
    Codename: Rana
    Process: 45nm
    CPU Cores: 3
    Clock Speed: 3.1 GHz
    Socket: AM2+/AM3
    L1 Cache: 3 x 64KB
    L2 Cache: 3 x 512KB
    HyperTransport: 4,000 MHz
    Thermal Envelope: 95W

    From a stock performance standpoint, the Athlon II X3 440 only offers a 100 MHz speed bump over the Athlon II X3 435. However, the higher multiplier might help if your goal is overclocking.

    When you consider the big picture, this CPU really offers an attractive combination of multiple CPU cores, high clock speed, low price, and overclockability. It is such a great gaming CPU, in fact, that it almost renders most of the CPUs in the $100 to $140 range redundant from a gaming standpoint, so most of our recommendations in this range are specifically for overclockers and users upgrading an older platform.
  26. TRUE TRUE,,.... very true,.... Athlon X3 440 (My new cpu) beats my Phenom 550 BE (My old CPU) in every game it has played almost by considerable frames rates. I play at 1280*1024 reso.. At such low reso the CPU handles most of the games itself. and this reveals the power of the CPU... I was amazed to see that my 550 was beaten by 440 without L3 Cache.....I still cant believe my eyes. I sold 550 at Rs.4400 and got my new athlon x3 440 at rs.4300.. lolol..... rs.100 gain...........hahahahha
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