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I am personaly an AMD person. I am looking for a new processor and I was wondering what in the line of AMD will stack up against an intel i5?
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  1. how about a phenom ii 955, phenom ii 965...

    also the new phenom x6 1055t at around $220 is also in i5's price range...
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    As of right now the only thing they have is the phenom 2 955/965. It trades some blows with the i5 but there are clear instances where you would want an i5 over a phenom. If you think about it you normally get what you pay for, the i5 cost a bit more than the 955/965 but it also performs on the whole a little better. The new x6 chips should be coming out soon for amd, but you would have to wait for benches to see where it lands.
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  4. It really depends on your uses and the rest of your build. Both Phenom II and i5 are priced great for their performance. Intel is only worth it over Phenom II if you can harness the power.
  5. I wouldn’t agree with that chart given that the only chart the places chips in that order is farcry.
    Left 4 Dead:,1403.html
    GTA IV:,1402.html
    So 1 out of the 3 tests that toms performed shows your chart to be correct. If you want to go outside of toms there are lots that show the same thing as the 2 above but I’m too lazy to look them all up.

    Short of the long is that the author of that article is surely leaning towards one company over the other.
  6. Yeah that chart is almost correct. Drop the 65nm extremes down a tier and its perfect. :) As far as the top half goes.
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