Need Help Choosing A MoBo

I'm looking to upgrade and have been looking at 3 boards:

MSI Big Bang xpower

ASUS p6x58d-e


Looking to keep it under $250 (the MSI is on sale at newegg right now) and looking for a board that won't cause me headaches and is rock solid so I can set it up and not worry about it for the next 3 years. I don't do much overclocking but I may want to give it a shot in the future. Would anyone recommend any of these or any other boards out there?
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  1. My Recommendations: (In order, IMO)
    1) ASUS P6X58D-E
    3) EVGA 131-GT-E767-TR
    4) Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
  2. Thanks, i've been leaning towards the ud3r but the p6x58d-e is right there as well. I've had asus before and love it. Great features, bios, etc. Anything in particular you prefer about the board other than usual Asus quality?
  3. i've had more problems with asus than gigabyte...I've built 2 machines with the ud3r...update the bios, (can do with flash drive and a button press) and use the power memory configuration in the bios...
    ud3r is at 199 at newegg (219-20 rebate microcenter if you have one near you (best cpu pricing i've seen)
  4. i do have a microcenter close by and the cpu pricing is absurd. Was planning on getting an i7-920 for $170. Is their something wrong with the gigabyte bios that is installed?
  5. 1- Do u want Crossfire or SLI?
    2- What CPU and RAM do u have?
    3- I'd in this order:

    b- ASUS P6X58D-E
    c- Gigabyte UD3R
    d- EVGA E767-TR

    But like I say u need 1st evaluate ur needs (Crossfire or SLI or none) before make ur purchase.
  6. not really. Some people have talked about a whine which I havent heard with the beta bios. I didnt really notice it on the initial bios either. I find it best to update the bios. There are multiple revisions of the board, the sticker on the side of the box tells you which one you have. I didnt install the optional software from gigabyte. I download the newest drivers really is the easiest bios update system I've ever done. I invested in a coolermaster hyper 212 for 24 bucks (microc) today...dropped my temps (i7930) by a good 15-20 degrees.
  7. they have patriot exteme 6 gigs o tri channel 12800 ram 189-40 rebate (thats the ram I'm using its real nice) Just figured I'd let you know in case you need ram. sorry for the double post (I'm tired & didnt think about edit the first time...) goodnight all
  8. Not at all, thanks for the responses. I will not be using SLI (I'm looking at the MSI 460GTX Hawk) and also will not be using the raid at all. Seems to me people still prefer ASUS over most other brands which is no shock considering the quality product they usually put out...
  9. ^Good choice, take a look of the EVGA GTX460 1373-AR that comes with lifetime warranty.

    I think that the UD3R can give u all the features that u need for the new rig that u are building.
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