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Hi community,

I am in the process of building my second system and have come across a memory issue.
The system is based around an i7 860 cpu and an Asus P7P55D-E Premium motherboard.
Now when choosing the memory I checked with the Corsair Memory Finder and it suggested
a list of compatible memory and the one I chose (8GB modules CMX8X3M4B1333C9) was one of them.

The issue I have with this memory set is that on the box it's packed in is a sticker pronouncing
AMD Phenom II. Further checks on Corsair's web site also reveal that it's an AMD Phenom memory set.
I contacted Corsair's Tech Support 2 days ago, still waiting for a response.

Does anyone know the difference between the memory I have bought and the 8GB modules CMX8X3M4A1333C9
(i5/i7 compatible but not on the Corsair list of memory for that MOBO)? The specs are the same.
Strangely the CMX8X3M4A1600C9 is on the list! I'm confused.

Sorry if the explanation is a bit long winded but I would really appreciate some feedback from the community.

Regards keith263
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  1. The model numbers you listed don't even return a hit when doing a Google search. The RAM should work just fine with your system, though. The only thing to worry about with an i7 build is that the RAM isn't rated to run at voltages over 1.65v. The motherboard RAM compatibility list is far from complete. Those are just the kits they actually tested with the motherboard. That doesn't mean that RAM will not work if it's not on the list.
  2. Hi shortstuff_mt,

    Thanks for your reply.
    One of the reasons I chose this particular RAM was that it being a 1333 module it runs at 1.5v. I'm more into cool running
    and stability than outright speed or overclocking (not to say I won't try it in the future).

    I haven't broke the seal on the box yet so could swap it over if I knew what to replace it with!
    Have had no trouble with my previous Corsair memory and would like to keep to their brand.
    I am still wondering what the difference is between the 'A' and 'B' versions (if any?).

    Once again thanks for your input, hopefully more comments from forum members are to follow.

    Regards keith263
  3. keith263 said:
    I am in the process of building my second system and have come across a memory issue.
    No you have not. And I'm even more confident of this now that I know that your RAM is rated to run at 1.5V.

    I am still wondering what the difference is between the 'A' and 'B' versions (if any?).
    It's most likely just marketing.
  4. Hi Silvune,

    Input much appreciated, I guess if don't hear back from Corsair's Tech. Dept. I should just
    try out the RAM and see if it works!
    I like to do things by the book, but I suppose you can't always do this. I'm confident that it can't
    do any harm I just want the system to be stable.

    Regards keith263
  5. I'm confident the RAM will work just fine. I would just make sure to double check that the RAM speed and timings are set correctly in the BIOS for stability. 1.5v is the standard voltage for DDR3 RAM, so you shouldn't have to change that. Of course it wouldn't hurt to manually set that either. I always prefer to manually set the values, even if they are the standard. That way you KNOW that the values are correct because you set them, not your motherboard. :)
  6. Hi shortstuff_mt,

    Greatly appreciated, I'll give them a try.

    Thanks keith263

    If anyone else has any input would be good to hear from you.
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