Which is better??

Ok, I can go with a 480GB solid state drive, with Sequential Read: Up to 531 MB/s and Sequential Write: Up to 315 MB/s

OR, I can Go with a 600GB solid state drive, with Sequential Read: Up to 270 MB/s and Sequential Write: Up to 220 MB/s

They are both Intel Solid state drives :

Intel 320 600GB

Intel 520 480GB

They both cost the same, will be used for server hosting and gaming, with two Xeons, and will be accompanied by a 1TB
Hitachi Hard Disk

Also, Should I use the SSD as my main (C: ) drive, or should I use my Disk drive as my Main drive???

OS: Windows 7 Pro
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  1. If you don't have a very specific, obvious use for the SSD as a data drive (for example, using it to host a heavily used database where access time and concurrent I/Os per second are critical), then use the SSD to hold the OS and as many applications as you can put on it. Using the SSD as a generic data drive is almost always a waste of its capabilities.
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    to me the main advantage of SSDs are not their speed but their access time , so i would go for the 600 GB one
    i have an OCZ Sata III SSD with a supposed read speed of 500mb but i can hardly reach 320~ using HDTune tests

    put ur OS on the SSD + games for faster loading times
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