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I'm building a new LGA1156 System and have doubts on the motherboard choise, my options (within my budget) are:

- AsRock P55 Deluxe3 (USB 3.0, SATA 3, 8+2 Phase, Audio chip VIA® VT2020, etc)
- AsRock P55 Deluxe (SATA 3, 16+2 Phase, etc)
- Asus P7P55D Pro (3 year warranty, 12+2 phase)
- Msi P55-GD65 (OC genie)

The Asrock p55 Deluxe3 seams to be the one that offers better features but i'm concerned about the brand's reliability, althought Asus has more software and brand name, Msi's Oc genie promises to make it a breeze OCing, etc. I am a total newbie on OC but i intent do do it on my next system (i5 760 to about 3.8 Ghz), after reading and getting informed enough on the matter.

Anyway, from those options above, i would like to get your feedback on what would be my best buy according to the following criterion:

- Oc stability.
- User friendly software for a newbie, and most useful software overall.
- SLI 8x suported.
- Good onboard sound.
- Brand's assistance, warranty response and constant driver updates on their produts.

Also questions i have?

1. I read you shouldn't OC from the windows with a program but directly on the BIOS, is it true??

2. Are more phases important to OC stability?? If so, is it a great diference or you can get stable OC on 8+2 Mobo??

3. Is Asrock a reliable brand, anyone with experience on their products??
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  1. In this order Asus, MSI, Asrock.
    Overclocking in BIOS results in higher overclocks since there are more settings to play with. Phases are more about durability than overclock. In general Asrock gets a good word on this forum.
  2. ^+1

    ASRock is an ASUS company but with a little less quality and I' add a Gigabyte mobo to the list they also has good mobos.
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