(Graphics Card) for 1280 X 800 native res projector

This is for classroom use with a 16:10 ration Activboard:

I want to use the PC with the projector (1280 X 800 - 16:10) native resolution but the intergrated graphics card in the PC does not have the 1280 X 800 resolution as an option. If I purchase a dual VGA PCIE graphics card, will I be able to use both my 4:3 ratio monitor along with the 16:10 ratio projector (using them both at the same time)?

I'm assuming that if I only purchase the single VGA graphics card along with a VGA splitter, then I wouldn't be able to get both the different ratios at the same time?

Which way should I go with this?
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    I would get a card that has two VGA outputs rather than getting one with only one output and using a splitter. Pretty much any card you can find on the market today supports two monitors so you will be fine.
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