Dell 8100 ans weak power supply

I built my own computer for college 9 or 10 years ago but had to trash that machine 4 years ago which i replaced with a sensible laptop. I've now decided to get back into the desktop computer gaming scene.

I dont have an infinite amount of time to build and tweak like i once used to and after realized that a Dell is about the same cost as building, i decided to be a comsumer/warranty whore and ordered a Dell XPS 8100. Of course, i did my research and told them exactly what i wanted in the machine, it looks like this:

i7 860
8GB of RAM
1 TB harddrive
GeForce GTX260 1792MB

A pretty sweet machine that i cant wait to get and rip into some starcraft 2 and other games i havent been able to play.

BUT, after i ordered i forgot that i didnt get a power supply option. Wondering what they would put in there i contacted support and they said the XPS 8100 standard is a 350 PS. 350!? That seems rather low to me and im wondering how the heck Dell can set this up to not freeze and reboot every 5 minutes. Does this seem low to anyone else? Do you think Dell with UNDERclock this machine to get it run stable?

I suppose i'll see when it arrives, but ive never had a problem with an underpowered machine. What signs should i look for to know if this will be a problem? I hope that if i decide to crack open the case and replace the PS with something better that it wont ruin the warranty. OR, i hope that when someone tweaks the computer to the level i did that they just simply toss in a better one.
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  1. Someone asked about this machine yesterday.
    I don't know that I would trust a 350 watt psu to run a GTX260 , but that is the way they offer it and I haven't seen anything regarding an upgraded psu when ordering.
    I have seen underclocked cards in thier machine's , but that wouldn't lower power consumption enough to matter unless the card only ran in 2d mode.
  2. Interesting. I should do a search on this forum and see what the buzz has been. I noticed on Dell's site that now if you order the 8100 with a GTX260 1792 it could delay the time you receive it. I wonder if Dell has shot themselves in the foot with this vid card option on their middle market machines.

    You would think that stability would be Dell's main selling point. They had to have figured something out in regards to the power, but i hope it isnt at the expense of the speed that i ordered.
  3. I strongly doubt that they would under clock to become stable. When you receive it you will be able to check and contact them if it is. If the power supply is too weak then you will have issues with the pc shutting down, but dell will have to fix it which may get you a better power supply.
    So in short don’t sweat it. I will have to run at the quality that you paid for.
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