Gtx 260 sli upgrade

recently saw the nvidia 3d glasses. are they worth it. if so im using my pc on a 73 inch dlp. are the 260 sli worth keeping or upgrading. if the glasses are not worth it what would be a good ati card to go to.

i7 920@3.2 ghz
6 gigs of triple channel gskill
2 gtx 260 sli
dark knight cooler
gigabyte x58 motherboard
antec 1000 watt power supply
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  1. the 3d glasses are worthless, the technology is new, and it's absurdly overpriced
    two gtx260s are great, equal to a GTX295 or slightly better than a 5850. the only upgrade you can get is either two 5850s, two 5870s, or a single 5970
  2. The glasses aren't too great, they're good for some games like L4D, but otherwise, bad.

    For that computer, go ahead and sell the two GTX's and nab an HD5870 if you can. Crossfire it later.
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