Should I build a new pc and on what platform

I am thinking about building a new pc. I really don’t have a reason to build one, but with the newer chips out I just want one. What I will probably use this pc for is matlab and hand written code. The code has a few points where it uses a single thread but for the most part it is multi-threaded. I am currently running these on a laptop with one of the upper end su chips and it runs fine as long as I don’t do anything too heavy in matlab. The only reason I don’t use my desktop is because my laptop is newer and I can work on it anywhere. So do you think I would benefit more from an i7 or wait for phenom x6?

The whole reason for this thread is to help me decide if a new build is a good idea. Does anyone know of any benchmarks for matlab?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. if it aint broke dont fix it Holmes
  2. You may be right, but that’s what I’m afraid of lol
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    the lappy works, use it until it knoks out or you could use an upgrade, because it sounds like you really dont need to, so dont, suppose you buy the desktop and never use it, what would b the point?
  4. Other then the entertainment factor of building it I will receive little to nothing from it. I have been trying to create a reason to burn money, and it’s not working so well. Thank you for responding, I needed someone to reassure me that waiting was ok. [:tapko:3]
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