CM HAF 922 vs LanCool K62 vs NZXT Tempest Evo

HAF 922
good air flow but hard to remove dust filter
spacious specially if planning a water cooling system
don't have black interior design
not all intake window has a dust filter
has a military looking design
fan led on/off button
a bit loud

Lancool PC-K62
good air flow plus all air intake vents has dust filter
fair amount of space but not as big as haf 922
100% tool less kit
black interior design
looks a little less common

NZXT Tempest Evo
6 fans nice airflow
black interior design
nice power and harddisk leds
a bit loud
large CPU backplate access hole
unique design

they all cost nearly the same. which one to go for?
i'll be putting in Core i5-750, ASUS P557D-E Pro, Sapphire HD5850, Corsair TX650 and Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.B
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  1. I like the NZXT Tempest Evo. I would go for it.
    Anyway, the other two midtowers are good cases two.
    Have you already considered to buy the COOLER MASTER 690 II ADVANCED?
  2. I to am looking at the HAF 922 & Lancool PC-K62 cases, I personally like the HAF 922 design coz its big(which is great for ur 9.5 inch 5850! ) and easy to work with and has a really thought out airflow system , but u might like the blue LED lights and clear side window of the Lancool.

    here is a link for the HAF922 in terms of temperatures :

    Haf 922 -

    Lancool PC k26-

    NZXT Tempest EVO -
  3. go for th CM HAF 922 :D
  4. HAF 922 for by a mile.

    Best Under 100$ case ever made.

    3rd best case at any price ever made.
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