C2Q Q9550 VS. Q8200

Well, I bought a Q8200 for my multimedia rig about a year ago it has happily served me with a windows experience rating of 6.1 which at the time I thought was fine. That was until I recently purchased the 400$ ASUS special desktop from Best Buy for my father. The Pentium DUAL CORE 2.4GHZ scored a 6.4 on the Windows Experience !?!?!?! :fou: . I'm not sure exactly how accurate these readings are but this really bothers me for some odd reason. Cut to the chase would a Q9550 increase my performnce significantly or should I just save my 175$ and stay with the Q8200 (not to mention my Q8200 is OC'ed 10%).
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  1. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated. This is my first rig I've built and still learning
  2. I was using build 7100 of Win 7 Ultimate 64bit on my rig and Win 7 Home Premium RTM 64bit on the Asus
  3. aramey024 said:
    ... (not to mention my Q8200 is OC'ed 10%).

    A 10% overclock is kind of piddly, even for a Q8200.

    If you are still using the stock cooler, take about $40 of the $175 you were going to spend and get a good cooler. You should be able to achieve at least a 25% OC.
  4. Thanks a lot for the input... Unfortunately, it's a Shuttle case so really no cooler options but the CPU core stays around 38-41C so I suppose I could OC a little more
  5. aramey024 said:
    Thanks a lot for the input... Unfortunately, it's a Shuttle case so really no cooler options but the CPU core stays around 38-41C so I suppose I could OC a little more

    Dont worry about the dual core and your processor. your processor, q8200 is way better in all aspects as compared to the dual core. windows index is not something that can be used to measure your system's performance effectively. if u really want to test it then i suggest run the benchmark software on both the systems and u will know how well your quad core processor is. secondly i dont think you should go for q9550. it is better than your processor but its not worth it. use this system for some time and save money for a complete upgrade if u desire to buy a faster processor. As far as the performance of q8200 is concerned, if you overclock it a bit, it can still last for a year or so without giving you a noticeable performance hit. Hope I helped
  6. The Q9550 is going to be able to achieve much higher clocks and has 300% more L2 cache.

    How much of a difference does the L2 make?


    However, if all you are trying to achieve by upgrading is a higher windows score it is nowhere near worth it. :P

    See if you can get a heavier OC.

    Is there something about your performance you are unhappy with?
  7. i think u wld do betterwith the q9550 i have 1 it gets 7.4 in windows index.
    and tbh the windows is accurate if it reads ur hardware right..
  8. Wow, this is my first post on TH and you guys are fantastic, thank you so much. No the Windows score is not the only reason I'm looking to upgrade I just know someone who is building a "budget" quad core PC and offered me $120 for my processor so I figured why not ask around. The 12mb Cache was the big difference I noticed as well and no there isn't really anything performance wise that I'm unhappy with just always looking to squeeze a little more out but now that I talked to you guys I'm leaning more towards a new GTX470 Fermi for an upgrade :)
  9. Still interested in a reply for this thread ? I had a Q6600 and scored 7.1 in Win 7 ultimate 64 bit. E8400 scores 6.6.
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