XFX 9800 GTX Black Edition Trouble in SLI??

I have been having some trouble with my new SLI system, and have looked around and not found anything like this problem...

Ill start off with my system:
Case: Antec Nine-Hundred
CPU: Intel Core i5 Lynnfield 2.66 Ghz Quad
Motherboard: MSI P55-GD80 LGA 1156
RAM: 8GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) (4 x 2GB sticks)
Power Supply: Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850W (SLI Ready)
Graphics Card: 2 x XFX 9800 GTX Black Edition PVT98FYDBU 512MB 256-Bit GDDR3
OS: Windos 7 Ultimate - 64bit

then some opticals, hard drives, and some speakers...

I am running two cards in SLI, and when I am browsing around windows, opening folders, surfing the web, and watching movies in WMP, everything is fine. However, as soon as I open an application (and I am not sure of the correlation between these, other than they all are *outside* of the regular "windows" interface), i get some strange blue flashing lights almost like every frame displayed has a second blue-tinted shadow on it...here are the programs so far that I have seen this in:

3d Mark 06
3d Mark Vantage
Warcraft 3
Call of Duty 4

If anyone has any idea on what is causing this, I would love to hear it, and before you ask, yes, I have connected the SLI bridge, installed proper drivers, and everything else...also these cards are IDENTICAL, so there shouldnt be any issue...right?
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  1. Does it work fine without SLI ?
  2. So after troubleshooting for the past couple of weeks here, I finally identified a problem. I took out both cards and found a small piece of dust in one of the PCI Express 2.0 connectors that was wedged in and didnt get blown out during any of the cleanings. I cleared it out, and reconnected everything, but now there is another issue...

    I feel as though it might be a heat issue, but before I go spend a ton of money on heatsinks and fans, I would like to know what you all think...

    So I am playing modern warfare, and its running great in SLI, High settings, 4xAA, 1920x1080. For about 5-10 minutes it works great, then it started to slow down and become significantly jerky. This is consistently what happens, as it works for a few minutes then becomes unplayable. This does NOT happen in non-SLI, and does NOT happen on lower graphics settings...(setting AA off it works fine)...

    any thoughts?
  3. Well how about other games,do they work well with AA turned off/on ?
  4. yes, older games such as Warcraft III work fine (i dont think AA even applies). I am thinking it could be a thermal/heat issue...is this a likely situation? Also, how would I go about cooling my video card? It already has a fan on it, and I dont have a lot of room for one of those GPU coolers that take up a PCI slot...
  5. Download Rivatuner and check your both idle and full load temps
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