I just got burned so badly...

I just got burned so badly I feel like never building a system again.

Here is my story.

I purchased 3 X F1 HD103UJ Hard Drives in March 2009 ( they have been sitting there unused until recently ).
In December 2009 I bought all the other components such as the motherboard ( MSI 790FX-GD70 ).

I built my PC in December and tried to install windows, and can't install windows bc the bios can't detect my Hard Drives in the blue sata ports. The blue sata ports are the JMICRON hardware controlled raid ports.

In an unusual move I sent my motherboard AND my 3 Hard Drives to MSI.
MSI has come to the conclusion that just my particular Hard Drive's FIRMWARE is incompatible with with any and all versions of bios for the motherboard.

MSI has come to this conclusion bc they have used their own F1 Hard Drives on my motherboard and have no problems.

I have spent hours on the phone with MSI and Samsung ( maker of the F1 Hard Drive ).
And this whole process of RMAing the motherboard and tech support calls has been going on since December 2009 to just recently about a week ago.

Sorry if this post is a little off topic, but my question to you guys is...

What do you think I should do now ?
Should I just buy 2 new seagate 7200.12 hard drives and just forget about my 3 F1 Hard Drives ?

My Samsung F1 Hard Drives work fine in the regular black sata ports...they just don't work in the 2 blue sata ports which are the JMICRON Hardware Controlled Raid Ports.

I spent $300 on those drives. $100 each.
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  1. I would just have them ship the board and drives back to you and not worry about RAID. The JMicron controller sucks anyway. The performance is not going to be great going through that controller. You're better off just using the drives separately IMO.

    Another option, assuming MSI is correct, is to just update the firmware on the drives. I haven't had great luck with MSI, so unfortunately I have a hard time believing anything they say.
  2. i have that same board with a couple WD blacks in raid0 running seamlessly since august last year.

    try running the drives separately, not in raid
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