ASROCK Optimized OC?

Hi Forum,

Half a year ago I set up my gaming comp, total overkill rig but lately I started doing bioinformatics and had to run some pretty CPU-tense programs so I was playing around with OC.

My setup:
IB 3570K
AsRock Z77 Extreme 4
8GB DDR3 (forgot the brand)
HD Radeon 7870 OC@1150/1400 w/ AMD Overdrive

-> Cooling with a NZXT Havik fan

I was gonna follow a well written manual overclocking guide, but I noticed the "Optimized Turbo OC", I simply tried 4.4GHz pre-set and Prime ran at max load gave me ~65C Cpu temperature.

I am utter noob at this, is this an OK temp? Or is there other parameters i need to monitor as well. FYI I don't need every last drop of juice from my computer, but the more the merrier :)

THank you for reading.
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  1. Overclock via BIOS.

    Look up some guides on the interwebs.
  2. ^ Especially overclock an Ivy Bridge chip via the BIOS. You want the voltage as low as possible.
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