Motherboard for intel pentium 4 h 641


how do i know which motherbaord is the one for y intel pentium 4 h 641 processor?
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  1. Download CPUZ and look under the "Mainboard" tab. Your boards name should be there. If not open your case and look on the board, it should be printed near the RAM slots.
  2. Any LGA 775 board that lits that CPU as supported and fits into your case :D. If you just want something to work get an ASRock LGA 775 board. It's pretty easy to just check ASRocks page and see the features of the board. If you want to use older RAM, just pay attention to the board instructions as some boards may require a jumper setting to force a lower speed.
  3. hello,
    i have p4 2.8 ghz cpu , i want list of motherboards that suits this cpu... its lga 775 socket .
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