Can I do this? [HELP]

Hey! I have a extra HDD laying around and I was thinking why not just put in my computer for all my Pictures and Music. Atm their is stuff on it including Windows 7 boot. Am I able to put it in my computer without it screwing everything up and then reformatting it once its in my computer?

If you could supply links to a tutorial that would be very helpful!

Thanks, dRyk
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    Yes, and so simple a caveman can do it.

    (1) Just connect to a available SATA II port and connect the Power cable.
    (2) Verify the BIOS is set to your current HDD (Should be, but good to check).
    .. UNsure and not sure how to, Just connect old HDD, Power on and Press F12 during the post. This will bring upo a boot menu and you just slect your normal boot drive.
    (3) Once in windows, Try this first - Right click the drive and format. If that does not work then go to disk management, select the old HDD and DELETE all Partitions on the drive. Repartition and formate - Walla, Reboot and done.
  2. Well i'm assuming its a sata HD, which will no doubt be supported by your motherboard.

    Once you throw it in their, you can either:

    just reformat it and it will be completely empty, so you can put all of your music and videos or watever on it.
    put a folder on the root of the drive for all your data.
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