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Ok I have all brand new parts, EVGA p55v motherboard, Intel core i5 750, bfg geforce 9800 gt, 500 GB segtate sata HD, Lite on dvd drive, and a Hyper N520 after market cpu cooler. I have built a few computers even more complex than this one in recent years this is for a friend but for some reason when i turn the computer on all the fans including the psu cpu and extra led fans i bought all turn on for 2 secs and then shut right off. If i leave it alone it will turn back on after about 5 seconds and then shut back off after 2 seconds and repeat the process over and over. I have the ram in the right ports according to the manuel installed the cpu and fan correctly took off all adhesive stickers and have all the front panel switches correctly in place. I am hoping that its just not enough juice but I am using a cooler master extreme power plus 500w psu. Any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. You should be able to get away w/55w PSU ... Something is (prolly) draggin it down.

    If you have it open, yank all PCIe cards out and disconnect the drive power and then see if fans keep spinning.

    If need be, strip it down to just the PSU, 1xstick ram in slot 0 and no drives or cards ... try anothr stick, in a diff slot. ... Like that.

    Might be the PSU but I doubt it. If youi have another PSU, to try ... then try.

    Just a few easy things, if you are up to it.

    = 500W ? .... A little short but (if it is putting out spec pwr ... 500 shoud b ok.) =
  2. When I take the graphics card out and unplug all the drives the same thing happens. There is also a delay from when i hit the power button to when the fans start spinning like 2 seconds any other suggestions?
  3. Review and complete this checklist...

    It should help point out the potential issue.
  4. I read that first before I posted and I believe I followed eveything on that check list. I am just wondering if 500w is enough to power that type of cpu and graphics card and if so what else might be the problem cause I can always take the psu back and upgrade for a few bucks more. The graphics card is one of those that doesnt require a power attachment and I havent used those in the past. Has anyone heard anything about that bfg geforce 9800 gt?
  5. It's the PSU or MB ... maybe disconn MB pwr and plug in one drive for load
  6. The PSU is strong enough in theory to power the system, so a bad PSU could be an issue. The Cooler Master isn't the best of PSU's. If you have an option to exchange and upgrade to a Corsair, Antec or SeaSonic PSU, it may be worth starting with a new PSU. This is granted you completed the checklist and could not determine the issue.
  7. I have seen this (symptoms) several times ... *usually*, there is an open, on the load.

    I am kinda thinkin' something is draggin it down, like there is a short or an open.
    ... Might even be the fan power connects.
  8. It does the same thing no matter what I do i think i just got a bad mobo. These are so new who knows what problems they have.
  9. Strip it *bare* (no vid card or vid pwr? ... right?) .... Connect that "octopus" (harness) one tentacle, at a time.

    I know you said you did.

    = Al =
  10. I've been in tech support, for 25 yrs and I have never once seen a bad MB !

  11. One at a time just flickers whatever fans are connected no vid card or HD or DVD drive same thing. I dont think it is the power supply b/c i plugged in an old 300 w one and it does the same thing.
  12. ok you have a 500w power supply but what aprage is the 12v rail putting out?

    is it set to 110 or 220? and is the outlet the power supply is plugged into reliable?

    If none of this is an issue than more than likely you have a doa power supply it happens return it for another...
  13. Alvin Smith said:
    I've been in tech support, for 25 yrs and I have never once seen a bad MB !


    I decided to take your advice and i stripped everything down and with a new 750w psu I am able to get the computer to start up and stay on but only with the graphics card and heatsink plugged in when i plug in the hard drive or cd drives i get the same old result shutting off after a few seconds and restarting any suggestions from here.
  14. Plug the ORIGINAL PSU (the one that didn't work at all) and plug it BACK into the exact config from the message you just wrote us ... the post before this one that I am typing.

    Is it as dead as ever?
  15. Wondering about the graphics card. Wisg we had a non-rail-powered card, just to play with.

    BTW, I was kidding. In 25 years I have seen buttloads of DOA and "Fry on 1st boot" motherboards.

    = Al =
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