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My results: Zalman 9500A vs Hyper 212

a b K Overclocking
November 29, 2012 3:25:20 PM

Just figured I'd share with the crowd the changes I saw with the hyper 212 over the Zalman I previously had sitting atop of my i7-2600k.

Both units testing at 4.0Ghz and -0.100v offset voltages and using Artic Silver MX-4 for the thermal paste.

With the Zalman idle temps were usually 30C to 33C depending on ambient temperatures. However full load with these settings usually ended up around 65C full load using intel burn test.

Stock Hyper 212+ dropped my idle temps to 29-32C on average. However, load temps went from mid 60's to maxing out at 60-61C usually. For the stock fan you get with the Hyper 212, I was impressed however I wasn't done.

Now I've read that the stock fan won't fit in my ASRock P67 Extreme6 motherboard with large ram like my corsair vengeance. This was true unfortunately. However, I knew it would be a close tolerance to beat. So I turned to my old favorite fans from Silverstone. While loud as could be at full RPM; the are silent when turned down to minimum on the fan controller. I ended up having two of these on order as I knew the physical specs between the fan on the 212 was a good 2-4mm wider than the silverstones I've used to many times. Did I luck out? Absolutely and the cooler fits with all 16GB of my ram in whereas I had to run with 8GB with the stock fan. The fit CLOSE but ends up pulling even more air over the ram. So my 212 has two of them mounted on it and they are controlled by me when I need the cooling I have it!

So the results with the Silverstones? Idle temps at lowest fan settings are usually 28-29C. Turning the fans up take another degree or so off, but for the turbine sounding case; it's not worth it. Now at full load from IBT? It never breaks 55C. Even with extreme stress mode and on maximum setting the processor hovers between 51-54C and stays nice and stable the entire time. This means I have more overclocking headroom than the Zalman ever gave me! I feel quite accomplished in my task of migrating over to a Hyper 212. And to be honest, in a black case with all red lighting; the thing looks absolutely amazing.

So, for about the same price, since I got the Hyper 212+ for $14.99 after rebate and the two fans being $30 and paying $45 for the Zalman two years ago; I think the increase in performance is quite amazing. What do you think?