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How do I find information about my video card. I have an Inspiron 530. I don't know if this should be under the category of graphics or tv/video. Thanks from a non-tech person.
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  1. What kind of information do you want to know? If you go to the charts section it will compare the FPS of nearly all the cards made today.,70.html

    If you want to know things like power consumption you’ll have to search for an individual card's review.

    Every month toms has an article illustrating the best card for a certain price range.,review-31783.html
  2. If you are wondering what type of card you have in your computer you can right click in open space on your desktop there is often a graphics properties, Nvidia control panel, or such an option if one exists, if you click on that it will often give you information on your video card.

    Alternatively you can go to Start ----> Run ----> type in devmgmt.msc and click ok

    device manager should show up if you're using either XP or Vista, not sure about Windows 7, then click on the + sign next to "Display Adapters" and that should at least give you a name of the card or the chipset being used by your computer. If you need more information on it, google it.
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