Do I need a video card? help!

My computer is a 3.0 ghz with 504 mb ram. Running XP Home SP3.
It has no video card. This is my daughters computer and trying to hook up her 26 :hello: " vizio tv to it. It won't show a picture when hooked to the tv. Using a vga cable. Do I need a video card? If I need one what is a decent one for under a 100? She only plays kids games. I need help! Her tv does have hdmi inputs. This is the specs from the onboard video. Thanks in advance

Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Report

Report Date: 02/09/2010
Report Time: 17:02:44
Driver Version:
Operating System: Windows XP* Home Edition, Service Pack 3 (5.1.2600)
Default Language: English
DirectX* Version: 9.0
Physical Memory: 502 MB
Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB
Maximum Graphics Memory: 128 MB
Graphics Memory in Use: 7 MB
Processor: x86
Processor Speed: 3000 MHZ
Vendor ID: 8086
Device ID: 2582
Device Revision: 04
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  1. Are you sure you set your vizio tv to the correct channel/input? Can you be abit more specific as to what the model # the computer is or whether the motherboard has open PCI, AGP, or PCIE slots to put a graphics card in it. Also if you could look at your power supply and see how many watts it can handle.
  2. It has a pci-e x16 slot and a 300 watt psu. It was built by my friend a few years ago who did corporate slaes at a local computer store. It isn't a out of the box computer. I did set it to the comp setting. I double checked the owners manual and followed it. I tried setting the pic to 800x600 with no luck. thanks
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