4890 good enough for crysis 2?

I know that 4890 is a decent card right now, its stock clock and im not overclocking it because i have a 550w psu,im planning to use it for 2 to 3 years and upgrade in 2012, the card is like a beat right now, maxing out any new games with aa and af (mw2, bioshock 2,l4d2 and bad company 2 beta) and i know that if a video card does good on crysis 2, its set for everything else, do you think it will work out when games come out later in the year or the next 2 years? and what settings would you think crysis can run on? i can pretty much max out crysis 1920x1080 ultra high config 30 to 40 fps
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  1. Crysis 2 will be available on the consoles....so I suspect it will most likely be a graphical downgrade from Crysis 1. Or, they pulled magic trick with improving their coding efficiency.

    Your 4890 will definitely be able to play it at good resolutions and probably high or above.
  2. The 4890 will be good for maxing out practically every game within 6 months and lowered AA untill 1 year after that you would mostlikely want to upgrade around the time the 6000 series comes out or when you hit ~18 months, whichever is sooner.
  3. I'm willing to bet that the more demanding games of XMas 2011 with heavy incorporation of Dx11 features will humble any GFX card manufactured today at HD resolutions. Of course they're may be only 2 or 3 of these as there's not much room in the marketplace for games that most peeps can't play at full settings.
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