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I'm trying to do a system recovery on a friends Alienware Aurora M9700 Laptop. Could not boot from the disc on start-up at which point I made my way into the device manager only to find that the CD-drive was not even installed on his computer!

He recently sent it to a techie for other issues but how the CD-drive became driver-less is beyond me.

He does not have his account information for the Alienware login so I cannot access the drivers specific to his PC. Could someone point me in the right direction for finding the correct drivers so I can get this thing back to functionality?

I'll be checking this thread frequently, so feel free to fire away questions and I will quickly respond to them.
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  1. I'm having the same exact issue...sent my computer away to get fixed...they changed the mother board and got it running agian but the CD driver is corrupt or doesn't exist! Have you found any answers???
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