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Hi Guys,

I have been wondering over the prices at newegg over the X58 motherboards. Could anyone throw some light on the fact as to why the Gigabyte X58 UD9 board cost $650. I mean what is so special about it. Feature-wise it doesn't have much over the UD7 which is a good $300 cheaper.
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  1. Are you talking about that extra size board?

    If so I'm wondering too.

    Edit: It's a beast of a board fully loaded with pci-e slots. Impressive but not worth that kind of money
  2. If people buy I7 980X EE and 4 x GTX480 for quad SLI then that board is the one to go with. (price does not matter at that point)
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    ^+1... Also, it is high in price for the very large PCIe chip heat sink adapter that gives better cooling the your north/south brides.

    At the money though, I go with the EVGA Classified SR2 and pickup a couple of Xeon's for it :)
  4. 4 PCI slots are also offered by the Gigabyte UD7, Asus and EVGA boards, is it just because of the "PCIe chip heat sink" that makes it so special?
  5. Yes & the fact it has 7 PCIe slots (4-PCIe 2.0 x 16 & 3-PCIe x16).
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