Internet TV vs. Cable TV

Cable TV is to expensive! I know I can watch one TV from the computer I already have but it skips and the resolution is crappy(AMD 64 3000+, Geforce 6800gs).
I'm building a new one(I already have the i7 920 but nothing else) and would like to know how to watch 2 streaming videos on 2 different hdtv's from one PC.
I understand the multiple monitors thing but how does the wiring and sound work.
Can I use a video card like the GTX 285 or radeon 5870 for both TV's and use the HDMI for one tv (HDMI will carry the sound) and use the DVI with a VGA adapter and the computer speakers for the other TV. Will this work or is it more complicated? Maybe 2 graphics cards for 2 HDMI's? Help!
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  1. That will work. Anything in the 5xxx series works with up to 3 monitors.

    If you don't game, you could also buy a board with onboard video and a very cheap GPU.
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